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As business owners, Sales and Leadership skills is everything; the differentiator between failure and success!

Maryam Habashi, founder of INFUSE theory “@infusetheory”, has over 25 years of experience in growing businesses. Maryam mastered personally producing in the field as a sales associate for over a decade representing several Fortune 500 companies as she simultaneously focused on recruiting, retention, and production.

Sharing everything she knows, by her late 30’s she had eventually built five startup offices in various states, overseeing 650 agents plus including a strong leadership team, within the West Coast Region in the financial industry.

Her purpose is to guide driven individuals through ultimate success in less time with fewer struggles! Her transferable skills are making a daily impact on individuals, teams, and organizations with her speciality being real estate and the financial industry.

With over 1000 patented power point slides (concepts associated with Sales, Leadership, and Mgmt Systems), a reflective workbook, and a completion certificate; one is expected to have guaranteed immediate results.

Maryam Habashi offers a “free strategy session” to all professionals seeking advise with a promise to provide several takeaways enhancing their current system. As a former educator by trade, she also offers mini-educational trainings for teams and organizations who are serious about developing their agency to the next level.

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Niki Pasricha

Maximum Tax Refund Guaranteed Corp



Maximum Tax Refund Guaranteed Corp. is a small boutique tax preparation company, focusing on small businesses and individual tax payers. We take pride on being detailed oriented, analyzing every step we take to protect you and your business and provide peace of mind. Compared to most CPA’s, our services are competitive and affordable.

Our clients deserve 100% of our effort which is why we stand by our value proposition, being one of the best in the industry. We work on a simple philosophy; satisfaction guaranteed or no charge.

Throughout many years of satisfied clients our business platform has mainly become referral based where our clients are our best advertisers. We have been providing our services for Azari PM clients for the past 3 years. Since 2013, they have successfully managed my San Jose rental proving

spectacular services. We are grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to serve you for many years to come!

837 Grayson Road, Pleasant Hill CA 94523