Fiduciary Management

The fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care owed and extends to relationships where an individual is entrusted with either the personal or financial care of another. At Azari PM we realize the gravity of this duty and proffer our services to ensure that this duty is met unequivocally. For those entrusted with managing real property our services will allow the appointed individual who has a fiduciary duty to their client to meet that heightened standard of care owed by:

  • Ensuring all properties are accounted for (multi-unit, single-family, condominium, commercial)
  • That each property is monitored and maintained regularly
  • Providing detailed reports on each property
  • Keeping the conservator informed and updated as to all the properties under his/her control
  • If applicable, to ensure that every element of the management of property is court approved
  • Tailoring our services for the individual to meet the fiduciary duty they have with their client(s).

By retaining our services, we can alleviate the fiduciary's burden of managing real property and allow them to focus their fiduciary duties to the management of their clients various other financial or personal obligations.

For the convenience of our global clients we speak English, Farsi, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Korean & Tagalog.