President’s Letter

President's Letter

At Azari Property Management, our philosophy is to make customer service a top priority, both for the property owner and the tenant, and vision is to make project management easy and peace of mind for our investors.

We understand that each property project management is unique, and as a small company, we have the flexibility to tailor our project management services to our client's individual/particular needs and investment goals and considering cost saving from start to the end of any project.

As a property investor, I know the importance of good project manager, so I have assembled and trained a team that makes cost saving for any project ( small or large ) in their mind. I also have experience with homeowner associations reserve study, as a condominium owner and HOA Board Member and Officer.

We designed our comprehensive services with the small investor in mind. Some of our clients have one investment property – others have dozens. We help meet the needs of our real estate investors by offering  Project Management (with in-house, full time CA licensed General Contractor is able to manage small or large property improvement to enhance rent income).

I have worked hard over the years to assemble a talented team of results-oriented individuals who place the customer first and are dedicated to increasing the cash flow and appreciation value of your real estate investment. My years as a financial executive and advanced education (MBA) give me the experience and knowledge to deliver services that meet the needs of both landlords and tenants. My clients especially appreciate my negotiation skills, which help maximize their investment income by getting the best price or highest rent.

But don't take my word for it. Our clients rate Azaru Property Management ***** five stars, making it the #1 Property Management Company in San Francisco. You can read our client reviews on a number of internet sites, including City Search, Google, and Yahoo Local.

Find out how Azari Property Management can help you by visiting our website or contacting our VP of Project Mgmt. Arezoo Sorkhabi at: to set up a free consultation.

Prior Board member of CREAA ; Chinese Real Estate Association of America, Member of Small Business Advisory Group for City of San Francisco. member of San Francisco Professional Property Management Association, PPMA.

Your input is important. Important to our business and to me personally, because the only way our services can be designed and developed effectively is for us to fully understand our customers' needs. So let me hear from you!

Whether it's a business concern, a suggestion, or feedback and ideas on our website, I welcome your comments by e-mail, telephone. To Improve is to change, to perfect is to change often.

Manzar D. Azari, MBA

I learned that life is all about relationships. At the end of the day, it does not matter how much you've made or how many possessions you have collected. What matters most is how you have made a positive difference in someone's life." Manzar D. Azari, Founder